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Information about the various workshops the QWF provides for writers.
QWF supports several programs for aspiring and established writers in partnership with schools, community groups, and the Quebec government.
Mentorship Program
The QWF Mentorship program is designed to help promising emerging writers make the transition to the next stage of their careers.
Writers in the Community
Writers in the Community (WIC) is a collaborative project overseen by the Quebec Writers’ Federation and The Centre for Literacy of Quebec.
Writers in Schools
This program gives students and teachers the opportunity to meet a professional writer in the classroom.
Writers in CEGEPs
This program sends writers on day-long visits to CEGEPs throughout the province.
All of the writers' awards the QWF is involved with. Submissions deadlines and contact info for the next QWF Awards.
2015 QWF Awards
Details for the 2015 QWF Literary Awards
2014 QWF Awards
2013 QWF Awards
2012 QWF Awards
2011 QWF Awards
2010 QWF Awards
2009 QWF Awards
Here we've listed the winners of past QWF Awards, back to 1988.
Hire A Writer
A coaching and editing directory compiled by the Quebec Writers' Federation.
QWF sponsors several regular events. Find out when and where the next one is happening.
Writers Out Loud
Reading and discussion by and about leading writers.
Words & Music
QWF's literary cabaret. Get the low-down on the next show here.
About QWF
An introduction and some background to the Quebec Writers' Federation. Find out who we are, what we're about, and how we can offer services to writers in our province.
The QWF gratefully acknowledges the support of these major funders and sponsors:
Become a member and enjoy some of the benefits of being a part of the QWF.
Membership Benefits (PDF)
Here's what we offer in return for your membership fee.
carte blanche
carte blanche is a volunteer, not-for-profit journal published by the Quebec Writers’ Federation, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and individual sponsors.
QWF Writes
“QWF Writes” is the Quebec Writers’ Federation’s monthly online column.
Qwrite Archive
Qwrite - 2011 and 2012 newsletter of the Quebec Writers' Federation
We've compiled a list of links of interest to writers both in Quebec and across Canada.
QWF Literary Database
QWF's Literary Database of Quebec English-language Authors
Contact QWF
Find out how to get in touch with us, including directions to our offices.
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