The zines below have been created since 2009 by young writers participating in the Writers in the Community program under the guidance of Larissa Andrusyshyn, Moe Clark, Peter Hobbs, Julianna Kozma, Anna Leventhal, Dale Matthews, Ian McGillis, JP King, Greg Santos, Jason Selman, Gillian Sze, and Odessa Thornhill. At the request of the organizations with which we collaborate, we have used only the first names of the poets.

To read a zine, click on the cover page. To listen to audio or watch video from some of the zines, please visit the Multimedia page.

2015 - Fall

Deception & Disaster Fall 2015 zine cover Gunshots from the Inside - Fall 2015 zine cover Change Into Hope Fall 2015 zine cover

2015 - Spring

Beauty and the Breakdown Spring 2015 zine cover Follow Your Fiction Spring 2015 zine cover Elizabeth House, I Am A Woman Spring 2015 zine cover

Perspectives  - A Birth of a Might Flame Spring 2015 zine cover Untitled Spring 2015 zine cover

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