Writers in CEGEPs

General Information

Application Procedure

Please read the entire page before preparing your application.

For Writers

The call for applications for the 2017-2018 academic year will be announced in summer 2017.

For CEGEP Teachers

The Writers in CEGEPs fund allotted for English-language writers for the 2016-2017 academic year has been depleted. The fund will re-open for applications in the fall of 2017.

Attention: Funds for this program are limited, and may run out before the end of the academic year. It is the CEGEP representative’s responsibility to ensure that funds are available before finalizing the writer’s invitation. To do so, send the application form in at least one month before the visit and make sure you receive written confirmation from UNEQ that the visit will be paid for.

  1. Contact the author you would like to invite to determine his or her availability. There is a directory of approved English-language writers here. Only the writers in the directory may participate in this program.
  2. Fill out the application form, which can be found here. [PDF]
  3. At least one month before the scheduled visit, send the application form by email or by fax to UNEQ at: 514-849-6239
  4. You will receive an email within a week of the receipt of your request telling you whether your request has been approved. Notify the writer right away.
  5. If the funding is available and your request is approved, UNEQ will send documents (confirmation, forms, rules for Reimbursement for Travel and Lodging Costs) directly to the writer.
  6. After the visit, complete the “Evaluation by the Cegep” (there will be a link to this form in the letter of acceptance from UNEQ).

Description of the Program

Modeled after the successful Writers-in-Schools program, and financed by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications, this program sends writers on visits (to carry out a lecture and reading, writing workshop or seminar) to CEGEPs throughout the province.


The objectives of the program are to promote language-arts skills by introducing CEGEP students to the wide range of English-language writing in Quebec. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the program targets both public and private CEGEPs, and is designed primarily for students enrolled in English literature. While English-language CEGEPs are the chief audience, French-language CEGEPs with courses in English Literature are also encouraged to invite English-language writers. The program supports events open to the greater CEGEP community.

The Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois, which also administers a similar program for francophone CEGEPs, is the liaison between the writers and the CEGEPs involved, aided by The Quebec Writers' Federation.

Participating Authors

CEGEPs may choose the writer(s) they would like to invite from a list of eligible authors. These authors are selected each year by a three-member jury assembled by the Quebec Writers' Federation. The jury includes writers and CEGEP teachers.

CEGEPs may host two visits from writers on the list during a given semester. Visits will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. The same writer may be invited twice, or the school may choose two different writers. However, each writer will be allocated no more than two visits per semester. A writer who is a CEGEP teacher cannot give a presentation at the CEGEP where he or she ordinarily teaches.

Types of Presentations

Teachers responsible for organizing a visit may contact a writer directly to discuss the type of activity he or she will lead and to set a date. [Contact information is available from UNEQ or QWF]. Prior to the visit, the individual responsible for hosting the activity at the CEGEP and the featured author jointly plan the program. Three types of visits are possible:

Each visit lasts approximately 90 minutes. The hosting CEGEP decides the size of the group(s) attending the author's activity. They may wish to have the writer visit more than one class to maximize the benefit of the program.

Planning related activities for before and after the visit help to make the most of the writer's presence at the school. For instance, a book display of the author's work might be organized to stimulate participation. Student radio broadcasts and the student newspapers are encouraged to announce and promote the visit of the guest. Before visits, UNEQ will send the biography and bibliography of a writer upon request, as well as photographs when available.

The Cost of a Visit

Writers visiting CEGEPs receive an honorarium, which varies depending on the type of presentation they offer:

Of this, $100 is donated by the CEGEP, paid directly to the writer at the time of his or her visit.

Transportation, meals and lodging costs for the writer are reimbursed by the program. (Please see "Rules for Reimbursement for Travel and Lodging Costs")

After the Visit

Immediately after the visit, the CEGEP host completes and returns an evaluation form to UNEQ. This form provides feedback vital to the continued success of the program.

Rules for Reimbursement for Travel and Lodging Costs


Travel costs (car, bus, taxi or parking) will be reimbursed when travel takes place beyond a 50-kilometer radius (round-trip), from the writers' usual residence to the place where the presentation is given.

More than 50 kilometers (round-trip):

Use of an automobile:
40 cents a kilometer is reimbursed as long as a gasoline receipt is provided.
Public transit:
Transit costs (bus, train) are reimbursed upon presentation of an official receipt.
Parking costs are reimbursed upon presentation of an official receipt.

All other travel costs (air, rental cars, etc.) must be approved by UNEQ when arranging the visit.


For a presentation more than 50 kilometers away (round-trip), meals will be reimbursed according to the following guidelines (including tax and tip), by providing appropriate receipts:

Hotel costs will be reimbursed (maximum of $100/night, tax included) if the presentation takes place more than 150 kilometers away, or if bus or other travel schedules do not coincide with the times of the presentation.

These figures may have been revised since this document was posted. Please check with UNEQ for current figures. Contact: Geneviève Lauzon.

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