The QWF Literary Awards

Images from the 2012 Gala

2012 QWF Gala Overview from Quebec Writers' Federation.

Steve Luxton receives the Community Award.

Alice Petersen wins the Concordia University First Book Prize.

Catherine Austen wins the QWF Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.

Oana Avasilichioaei wins the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry.

Éric Fontaine wins the Prix de Traduction Fondation Cole.

Harold Hoefle wins First Prize in the Quebec Writing Competition.

Rawi Hage wins the Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction.

Heather Davis wins the 3 Macs carte blanche Prize.

Taras Grescoe wins the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction.

2012 QWF Literary Awards Gala

QWF Literary Prizes Awarded at Lion d'Or Ceremony

On November 20, 2012, the Quebec Writers' Federation held its annual Awards Gala at the Lion d'Or in Montreal. The event was hosted by Josh Freed. Six literary prizes, a Community Award, and the 3Macs carte blanche Prize, and the winners of the 2012 Quebec Writing Competition were presented.

2012 QWF Literary Award Winners

Prix de Traduction Fondation Cole
Anglais - Français
Commandité par la Fondation Cole
Éric Fontaine
T'es con, point
translation of
YOU Comma Idiot
by Doug Harris
Goose Lane Editions
Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction
Sponsored by Champlain, Dawson, Heritage, John Abbott, and Vanier Colleges
Taras Grescoe
Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile
Harper Collins Canada
Concordia University First Book Prize
Sponsored by Concordia University
Alice Petersen
All The Voices Cry
A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry
Sponsored by Richard Pound in memory of his brother Robert
Oana Avasilichioaei
We, Beasts
Wolsak and Wynn
Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction
Sponsored by Paragraphe Bookstore
Rawi Hage
House of Anansi
QWF Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature
Catherine Austen
26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6
James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
Community Award
Steve Luxton
3 Macs carte blanche Prize
Heather Davis
Quebec Writing Competition prizes
Harold Hoefle - First Prize, for "Ride"
Willow Verkerk - Second Prize, for "Manufactured"
QWC Reader's Choice Prize: Brandon Silver, for "The Revolution"

2012 QWF Literary Awards Shortlist